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The headquarters of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain becomes, for a month, in a showroom. Three members of ACME: Etxeberria, Ion Fiz and Anton Heunis invite three designers who do not belong to it to establish a creative dialogue with them.


The unusual designs menswear Etxeberria, made of exotic skins, join the creations of a young talent like Talia Baker, which can discover garments sculptural volumes and very special textures. 


Mexican designer Talia Baker began her career working actively with Lucy Hodges hat designer and photographer Gabriel Rozycki to start her own brand.


She studied fashion design at the Felicidad Duce School of Barcelona and was part of Etxeberria team.


During her senior year she won the bronze medal in the international competition Hempel in Beijing and presented her collection "20 ft. Under "at the fashion week in China.


She was finalist at T project Fad and Fashion Felicidad Duce Award winner, parading in the fashion week in Vancouver

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