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This week was held the China Fashion Week, established in 1997. During the fashion competition that takes place in this event Mexican designer Talia Baker, winner of the bronze medal. China Files chatted with her.


Talia Baker, Mexico, winner of the bronze medal


What was your inspiration for the work presented in this contest?


My inspiration was reefs. There are few in the world, because they need a special climate to grow. An important coral reef is in southern Mexico, in the Caribbean. I am inspired by reefs because they represent the livelihood of marine life, which is the most precious thing there is in the sea.


What is the message of your work?


By using natural and synthetic materials I wanted to capture the effects of pollution on corals, they die, they no longer have color. First, I seek to create a beautiful object, but also sought to raise awareness about ecology. We take care of the sea, which is so important to us.


How do you see the situation in Latin America in the fashion world, for other locations?


Always sees Europe as the historical benchmark for excellence, but I think both China and Latin America are in a process of experimentation. In these places there is great potential of young creative and talented, as well as labor and material wealth.


In China there is a very clear picture of Latin America. What can be done to change a bit the concept with Latin America?


I sent it to do all the manual part of my collection to Mexico, but without making it look as Mexican. What I look with this is to give a little back: it is known that is made by Mexican hands, which has been used artisanal wealth of my country but implementing new materials, for example.

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